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For some wife swapping parties conjour up images of 70s style front rooms with a group of couples all putting car keys into a bowl and pairing off according to who picks what key! Nowadays Wife Swap is more of a lifestyle choice rather than a seedy pastime to be kept hush-hush! and thanks to websites more and more couples are able to find Party information

There are several types of wife swopping parties, many formally organised wife swap parties that take place in Wife Swapping clubs, often a hotel is booked for a night or even a weekend for the party, or less formally one couple will hold the party at their house and invite other couples and single females to join in the fun!

With the help Swingers Hangout you will be able to make contact with other couples that are arranging parties, use the chatrooms and forums to locate your nearest party venue and even arrange your own wife swapping party at home:

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Obviously swapping does not necessarily mean full sex with the swapped partner, make it clear how far you and your 'spouse' want to go and read up on terms before you go so that you know what soft & full swinging means...

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Wife Swapping - not to be confused with the TV program Wife Swap!

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