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We are part of the largest transvestite, shemale, CrossDressing & TV Admirers online contacts & swinging site in the UK, there are in excess of 30,000 profiles of admirers, cross dressers, shemales, transvestites and transsexuals on the system!

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Transvestites (trannies, TVs, CDs or Tgirls) are generally males who like to dress in female clothing and quite often go out in public behaving as a woman, whether full or part-time. Shemale is a term referring to pre-op transgender (male to female) people. Through Swingers Hangout you can make contact with, chat to and arrange to meet with genuine, like minded adults.

It is estimated that approximately one in a hundred men are practicing transvestites but many trannies cross dress in the utmost secrecy for fear of censure or ridicule - we offer you the opportunity to chat with other TVs in complete safety.....

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Transsexuals differ from transvestites in that they believe that their physical anatomy is incompatible with their true gender identity.

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