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Help with my Swingers Profile help & Advice

Once you have joined up and have gotten over the shock of just how many horny members you have the next thing to consider is your own swingers personals advert, after all this is YOUR advert so getting right is a must after all if its not inviting you will never get members contacting you

A common mistake made by so many members when they join Swingers Hangout or indeed any swinging community website is their profile and their urgency at getting the profile live!! when theirs no rush and taking your time will get a better profile advert and a lot more couples contracting you

Your profile advert is YOUR advertisement so getting right is a must, after all would you walk into a shop that had naff adverts or didn't look inviting!! well your advert needs to do the same thing as we have some many members it needs to jump out saying "click on me"

Some tits on your swinging ads :

  1. don't rush into getting an advert placed, if you don't know what to say read other profiles and get some ideas from others, if your a young couple for example search and read what other young swingers say posting up
  2. make sure you tell members what you looking for! people are not mind readers, so if your looking for soft swapping exchanges tell people and if you only want members between a certain age then tell others the age groups you will consider
  3. photos, photos & more photos if you want to get replies post some photos as a profile with no photos is not taken seriously and if you don't want to show your face crop the pic down and only show members your face photos once they contact you, but above all if you want a good amount of replies you will need to post pics
  4. Get involved! and I don't mean shagging other swingers although hopefully this will happen,but log into the chat rooms, read members forums messages and if possible respond to message, by doing this members will get to know you and know your serious about meeting up
  5. have fun ..................

By following these basic tips you'll soon start meeting with swingers and having swingers contacting you from your profile advert. You have to remember for many swingers swinging is about the community scene and getting to know members, after all theirs every change you maybe fucking one of these members LOL

So take your time, don't rush into getting your profile live, theirs no rush and getting a good profile online rather than two a couple of lines with " ummm don't know what to say, so looking for contacts". A well written profile with photos will always get a lot more attention than a one liner with no pics , this is FACT


send time of YOUR swinging profile!

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