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Swinging Lifestyle UK Swingers Facts & Information

The swingers lifestyle is not one to be entered into lightly and is certainly not suited to everyone! We have put together some swinging facts & figures to help you make that all important decision. Just remember if you are part of a couple you must both want to swing and join the swinging lifestyle!!

UK Swinging Lifestyle Facts:

  • 70% of uk swingers said that joining in with the swingers lifestyle improved their relationship
  • Just 2% said it had affected their relationship in a negative way and are no longer swinging
  • Half of couples questionned who were happy before becoming swingers said they were even happier now
  • 90% of couples with less than happy relationships said swinging improved things
  • Just under 70% of swingers claimed to have absolutely no problems with jealousy
  • About a quarter admitted having difficulty with jealousy when swinging
  • Only 6% said jealousy was a major problem and would be making them give up the lifestyle completely
  • Bisexuality in females is very common in theswinger lifestyle and is almost becomming the norm for girls
  • Bisexuality in males is less so in the swinging scene, but as it becomes more accepted it is becomming more common
  • Most swingers clubs only allow couples & single females, but some allow single men on some nights
  • Single females are very often admitted to events at reduced admission price as they are more sought after

The swinging lifestyle is becomming more & more mainstream with sexual promiscuity being less frowned upon, although reports of the levels of STDs in the over 60s being on the rise is somewhat worrying - after all shouldn't the older & more mature swingers be the responsible ones!?!


Joining the Swinging Lifestyle is a step towards sexual freedom!

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