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Swingers Terminology - Swinging Terms

There really is no hidden code for swingers to communicate with each other but there is certain terminology that has evolved which you will see within the swinger profiles and chatrooms, plus there are abbreviations that are used, some are commonly used in everyday online chats.

If you are new to swinging then a good place to start when you first join is to read through some of the posts in the Newbie section of our forum as most people have similar anxieties, fears & worries when they first decide to take the plunge and you will quickly see that you are certainly not alone & no one is going to make you feel stupid for being the new kid(s) on the block! Indeed many of our experienced swinging couples enjoy and advertise for newbies so they can show them the ropes!

First 7 swingers terms:

  1. Bi-curious - male or female who is interested in trying same-sex sexual activities
  2. Closed Swinging / Closed Door - sex among couples using separate rooms in the same house - wife swapping
  3. Soft Swing - watching or participation in sexual play with someone other than your spouse/partner but not actual intercourse
    Info - Softswing also see Full Swap
  4. Cuckold Husband - a husband who's wife plays away without him but tells him about it or a male partner who just watches his wife play with other men
    Information - Cuckold Husbands also Bulls
  5. Bondage - sexual practice where restraints such as ropes, chains, silk or leather straps are used to tie up or hold participating sexual partner(s)
  6. Bareback - the act of having sex without the use of a condom - see Bareback Swingers
  7. Creampie - when a man cums / ejaculates inside his partner further Information - Creampie Sex
  8. Caravan Swingers - Swingers that hold caravan swinging parties or rallies around the UK - see caravan swingers
  9. Fuck Buddies - used to describe someone for casual sex - Fuck Buddies
  10. Milf - term for a mum thats very horny "mum I'd like to fuck" = m.i.l.f mums
  11. Vanilla
  12. - term used for non-swingers

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Purist swingers may say that "swinging" always involves a committed couple plus invited others and that two unattached people who engage in sexual activity can't therefore be swingers in the true sense, however many people now just take sexual liberation to have sexual fun with new people to be enjoying the swinger lifestyle...


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