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Wife Swapping couple from Cheshire sexual fiction & stories

Wife Swapping Couple First Experience Story this story was sent in by a married couple from cheshire that tried our site for the first time

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My wife and I have been married for 7 years but and live in Cheshire, and are completely happy and very much still in love, the sex life is starting to get a bit dull. You know same old positions, same old thoughts - I’m sure other married couples reading this will relate to it! Anyways one night we were watching the box and that Wife Swap Channel 4 program came on and I’m not really into it so left my wife watching it and hit the computer to do some surfing around…

While I saw sat there I thought as the Mrs wasn’t around I’d have a look at these wife swapping websites just to see what the crack was all about – after all we’ve all heard about the old stories of keys in a hat and stuff but if you’ve had a sheltered life you would have missed out on all that, so how else do you find out about these wife swop parties – so lets see what the good old internet pulls up, and sure as hell after a bit of searching found a few and Swingers Hangout was one that I found.

Right next, do I get all interested or first chat to the wife about swapping just to see what see thinks? I’ll attack the wife I thinks, so one night after a few drinks – yep I’m a chicken - we were chatting about this and that and I asked her about that Wife Swapping TV program and acted a bit thick and ask if REAL swapping goes on, like in the bedroom as well, and she looked at me and laughed saying “what like you’d not be over like in a shot if you heard someone having sex on the TV” OK I was only just asking, she then looked at me and said “Why would you like to try it?” “What, wife swapping or the TV program?” “No” she says “wife swapping you muppet!” Fucking hell my mouth must have hit the floor as she looked at me laughing!!!!

“OK, what’s so funny?” I asked her, she said “You really should delete your history on the computer if you’re looking at something you don’t really want me to see, but that’s ok don’t worry, to be honest I’ve been thinking about it myself, not that I don’t love you but I’m sure your starting to get fed up in the bed I know I am, so why not give this wife swapping a try - although I prefer husband swapping!” So we went over to the PC and I went back to Swingers Hangout and we looked around a few ads and thought sod it lets have a go.

After completing the profile, shit that was hard trying to find what to say without sounding like a real sad pair trying to find new friends, we also posted a few risky private photos as all the other swapping profiles seemed to have them, but we rubbed out the faces ‘just in case’. We then thought as we are here let’s have a look around and went into the chat room section and soon found loads of other couples chatting away talking about meeting up and at that stage we both turned to each other and started giggling like a couple of kids LOL! Then we noticed this private message coming into us from a couple in Crewe, which is just down the road from us, so I looked at my wife and said shall we reply? “Why not, we’ve just paid to use this bloody site”. So I replied back and at the same time noticed their user name and said come on hun let’s see what they say about themselves and if they’ve posted any photos.

It didn’t take us long to work out how to view the profiles, and we were right they did only just live down the road from us and the nice thing was they were also new to wife swapping and were looking for first time experiences as well. They had also put some photos up they were a very attractive couple and around our ages as well plus they had similar like and dislikes, so we responded to there message and waited.

Then a few seconds later the box popped up and we started chatting away and couldn’t get over how well we got on. I looked to my wife and suggested perhaps we should arrange to meet up in a local pub or something as this would seem a easy way to break the ice? ”Yep I’m happy with that” she said, so I suggested to the other couple about meeting up next Saturday for a drink and laugh, which they were happy with. ”Bloody hell hun, we are going to try wife swapping LOL!” We were like a couple of kids.

I’ll drop you another line after we meet up so you can find out if it was a big flop or huge success, but for now if you’re thinking about trying wife swapping give it go, as so far, even with our limited experiences, it is has been good :O)


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