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Wife Spank Husband Devon while Wearing her Knickers Story

Wife See's husband CrossDressing - Hi, for some years I've been wearing my wife's knickers without her knowing but a few months back she caught me ! and the result was not what I'd expected


Great Crossdressing story from Devon thanks for sending it in ............... to have a wife that likes seeing you in her knickers and wants to spank your arse is a dream come true for many members

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I'm been wearing my wife's knickers for some time and whilst I know I could go to the shops and buy some I prefer to wear hers, even more so the day after she wears them but that doesn't happen often as she puts them straight into the wash, but some weeks I'm lucky and those panties are a really treat to wear

I love the feel of her used dirty knickers with the feeling of her juices against my cock , and more often than not I normally end up cumming in them by just walking around the turn on is so great. I don't class myself as a crossdresserand I'm not gay its just a get a massive kick from wearing my wifes knickers, and until recently it was my little secret, well that was until last week

My wife had gone shopping so I took this as a chance to have a look though our washing basket and was luck to spot some of her knickers that she'd been wearing the night before, so I stripped off pulled the curtains and laid back onto the bed slowly pulling them up. once fully on I just laid back on the bed looking at the ceiling and feeling my cock just getting harder by the second, then the door opened !!!!!!

My wife walked in and just looked at me! at first she was completely shocked and not happy then I explained to her that it was just a private thing I had been doing and I wasn't bisexual or gay its was just a turn on to wear her used knickers, after a while she started to understand and could understand and at least I'd kept it a private thing I'd been doing. It was then that she told me that for a long time she'd had this thing about wanting to spank me !!! and thinking back I had picked up on that she was starting to smack my bum more often but I never put anything behind it - well that was until now and everything dropped into place!!

So would you like to spank me now? only if you keep my knickers on !!! LOL fucking right I will and with that she moved on to me and turned me over!, at first it was just light spanking nothing too hard and really just tapping my arse then she got harder harder asking me if I wanted more, which I was more than up for.

This carried on for a while until my arse was red with her hand prints and by now I had noticed that her over hand was rubbing her wet clit through her knickers and to my surprise pulled them down and removed mine, or at least her knickers off me and put her wet knickers on my which made me cum straight away into her knickers!

She rolled onto her back and told mew to get between her legs and lick her cunt out and which I was only too happy to do ! it didn't take her long to cum and afterwards we laid back on the bed chatting about my fetish for wearing my wife's knickers and that I had been chatting to other guys that did the same in a private swingers chatroom that I'd joined.

This seemed to get her even more interested and wanted to know more.......................we have now been using the chatroom as a couple and my wife has been taking to other couples that are into spanking contacts and I've got a good collection of mates that love to wear wife's on the cards is meeting some people !!!!!!


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