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Teen Dogging Experience - Kayleigh From Dunstable

Teen Girl Trys Dogging ! This story was sent by Kayleigh our first Teen Dogger, she tells us about trying dogging for the first time in Bedfordshire

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Hi, my name is Kayleigh and I am 18 years old. I love shagging and especially sucking a nice big cock! All my friends call me a slag but I don’t care they are just jealous cos all the guys want me. Usually I pick up blokes in the pub or a nightclub, but the other night I tried dogging for the first time. It was great, no messing about just straight down to business lol.

I live in Dunstable in Beds, and everyone knows that Downs car park is used for doggin when it gets dark. So I drove my crappy fiesta down there to get myself some cock. I wore a sexy denim skirt and a little black top which never fails to impress the guys. I got there about 11pm, it was dark and there were a few cars there already. The car park is quite well hidden which helped me relax a bit. I pulled up next to one of the cars and wound down my window. I switched the inside light on as a guy I know said that’s what you do if you want a bit.

Sure enough, it didn’t take long for some bloke to come over and get his dick out! He was a bit old really, but I thought what the hell and took it in my mouth. As I said, I am really great at sucking off cocks and I have got my tongue pierced so it wasn’t long before he filled my mouth with spunk and I swallowed the lot mmmm. I spied another guy watching and wanking himself off so I beckoned him over and gave him a blow job as well. He was younger and quite fit so I gave him a really good suck and he gave me loads of cum. Then yet another guy appeared from nowhere and I didn’t want him to feel left out so I sucked his willy too.

After all those blow jobs I was worn out but quite horny so I frigged myself off and had a very intense orgasm. I let the blokes watch me do it which turned me on even more.

Wow three cocks in one night what a lucky girl I am! To anyone that is thinking of trying out dogging at Downs car park I would say go for it, it is great fun and the people there are well up for it! I have been a few times now and I highly recommend it.


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