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Birkenhead couple tell us about there Swingers Club

Mark from Birkenhead / Cheshire & his wife tell us about trying a swingers club we both love sex, well lets face it we wouldn't be here it we didn't and after watching a swingers DVD knew we wanted to do something about it

We knew there was sex club / swingers club just on the outskirts of town but just walking into a club alone was something we were both worried about so worked out that we would join a swingers website and see if any couple went and hopefully get some feed back

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We new we wanted to try a swingers club but didn't want to go alone, so decided the best way forward was to get some one to come along with us so joined up and soon got replies from both couples & the loads of single males and a few females

This one women told us she uses a club and as my wife was "curious" about her sexual we started chatting first in the chatroom then arranged to meet up which went very well so set a night aside to go to the swingers club she told us about in Birkenhead

We were all set up and ready to go and arranged to meet in a local bar and after a few drinks headed out to the club, we really didn't know what to expect but Karen ( the girl we meet online) told us that whilst it looks a little seedy its run by really nice people and the members are nice

We got into the club and going into the changing room slipped into something a little more sexy and I could see the way Jill (my wife) was looking at Karen I could very well be sitting this out and doing my cuckold bit, but to be honest i really didn't mind as I was in for the fun

Once inside the swingers club we looked around and found a room that had some couple fucking and Karen took Jill's hand and lewd her over to a sofa and sitting down Karen pushed Jill back and they started kissing, this soon lead to hands going all over themselves and then Jill pushing Karen back onto the floor and they do started rolling around and playing with each other

By now my cock was rock hard and bulging out of my shorts and especially seeing jill laying on the floor with Karen bending over licking jill's clit, Karen then turned around and pulling her knickers to one side told me to get over her and fuck her !!!

I didn't need a second invite and moving across the mattress and bodies all fucking moved up behind Karen and looking down at Jill I could see she was in heaven as Karen licked her clit and it was then that I noticed her hand on some other women's tit playing with her nipples so moved up behind and slipped my cock into Karen

I started to fuck her and could tell from the sounds coming from Jill on the floor that Karen was hitting all the right spots which I suppose was one of the reason I came so fast, well least that was my excuse LOL

I pulled back and Jill moved around and sucked my cock clean and then pushed karen back onto the floor and start eating out her creampie and lapping up every drop of cum! They started on the floor licking and kissing for ages after I'd cum.

After a while they got up and we all had a walk around the club checking out the bondage and fun rooms around the place and really felt at home and knew that we would be returning again, shortly afterwards we moved into a private room and continued our threesome but this time I last a lot longer and was more than able to please them both

We are going back next month as a threesome again but we plan on meet karen before then

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