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Erotic Sexual Stories Soft Swinging couple Hampshire

Soft Swinging Couple tell us about their experience Sophie sent us this story after she found Swingers Hangout and and told us about soft swingers and arranging their first swingers date - Hopefully once they have met up with this other soft swinging couple she'll drop us another line

Thanks Sophie xxx

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My boyfriend had been talking about swinging for ages, and although the idea of it did turn me on I was a bit shy when it came to actually to making it happen. So one night we were on the internet just surfing around when we came up with the idea of looking for some swingers sites to find out a bit more and Swingers Hangout was one we found.

We looked around the site and found their Swingers Etiquette pages very helpful because it was the first time that we had actually read properly what was 'expected' at swingers parties, etc and the term "soft swinging" jumped out at me in particular. The thought of meeting up with another couple, messing around but not actually having penitrative sex with the other bloke and Jason not shagging the other girl was an ideal compromise, not that I'm the jealous type but I just didn't think I would be able to handle seeing him fucking another person in the way I enjoy him!

We had a look at some of the sample profiles which gave us an idea of what people said about themselves and there was such a mix - some were quite 'normal' but others sounded a bit scary so we decided to leave it for the night and have a think if this was something we both wanted, more me than Jason as I could see the bulge in his jeans!! We went to bed and had great sex, I know he was thinking about some of the stuff we'd read and I must admit I was too - I had thought about playing with another woman but never would admit it and I am always a bit of a flirt when we go out clubbing but now the thought of actually meeting up with strangers just for some no strings sexual fun was really making me wet. After we had both cum we cuddled up and then both started giggling - I admited what I had been thinking about and that was when we decided to become swingers - albeit soft ones!

The next day at work I kept finding myself drifting off into a daydream about what our swinging experience might be like, and looking around the large busy office I wondered if anyone else was into swinging, afterall who would know if they were or not, I wouldn't tell anyone! I was suddenly looking at people in a different light and I suddenly realised that my knickers were soaking wet, so I put my phone on divert and went to the loo, once I had locked the cubicle door behind me I pulled up my skirt and felt my knickers. I couldn't believe how horny all of this was suddenly making me feel! I sat down onto the toilet and spread my legs wide, the silky material tight over my wet crotch, and rubbed my throbbing clit until I came. Luckily there was only half an hour left until I could get home to tell Jason about my, for once, not boring day at the office!

Jason found it extremely horny, suggesting that we sign up to the site we found and get our profile online while I was still in the mood - cheeky sod! So we did just that, filled in the form about us, then we must have written and re-written our joint profile a million times to get it just right, we didn't want to sound desperate but also we needed to make it clear that we were only wanting play mates for soft swinging. Finally we were both happy with our profile and submitted it along with a couple of photos that we'd taken of each other in 'sexy' poses. We did a search for couples looking for couples in our county and were absolutely amazed just how many there were - even in our own town, but decided that we would travel a bit to hopefully ensure we didn't come across anyone we might know.


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