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Husbands Tell us about their first Experience Mixed Race Fuck

Wifes first Mixed Race Fuck husband gets to see wife getting fucked - Mark dropped us a line about how he'd always wanted to see his wife getting fucked by a black guy - Cheers Mark maybe after reading this I need to have a chat with my wife ;0)

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My wife and I have been members of Swingers Hangout for the last couple of years and in that time we’ve meet up with some pretty good couples and had some fun times but one thing I’ve always wanted to see is my wife fucked by a black guy. For some years I’ve had my own little fantasy about this and never really spoke to my wife about it, not that we don’t have a very open marriage after all if you play the swinging lifestyle what’s there to hide if you both going to be fucking other people while your partners are around, its just something I’ve never found a way of bringing up in conversation.

One night my wife was in the swingers chat room just chatting with other members and stuff as she’s been doing for the last few years, because of the chatroom we’ve met loads of contacts and she was talking to a female swinger friend that told her about this black guy she’d just fucked or should it be he fucked the life out of her!! And this got my wife thinking so she hit the search and started looking around for black swingers that were into mixed race fucking or interracial fucking and found a few guys local to us.

She called me over and asked if I’d every wanted to see her sit on a big black cock! After all I’ve seen her with other guys and couples but never sat back doing this cuckold husband thing as I’ve always joined in and more so never with a black guy. So I told her that for years I’d fantasised about this and she said well why didn’t I say something – I just didn’t know you would fancy that, she looked at me and laughed, what you mean turn down the chance of having a monster cock all to myself are you mad!!! LOL so she showed me a few profiles from black male swingers that were into mixed race fucking and a few that were also into cuckold swingers so I suggested dropping a few a line with some recent photos and see what comes back.

After a few days we had a few replies most were more than happy to meet my wife as she’s 29 horny as fuck, size 14 with a great set of tits and the photos we sent out showed her off in various positions at parties we’d attended. This one guy called Ryan lived 10 miles down the road he was VWE Black swinger and sounded OK so I arranged to meet up with him at the local for a drink and really just to get to know the guy after all if he’s going to be fucking my wife I want to make sure he’s OK and not some nutter. After 2 or 3 drinks we were getting on great and having a real laugh and thought to myself this guy is a really sound bloke, so I suggested we went home and met up with the wife to continue these drinks which he was more than happy with.

When we got home my wife was nowhere in sight – fuck! Don’t tell me she’s gone out, I then heard the shower running and realised where she was, so said to Ryan come on lets give her a little shock shall we and walked upstairs into the bathroom. At first she didn’t hear us come in, then when she realised I was in the bathroom asked where I’d been and I replied saying “oh down the pub chatting to a mate, BTW he’s here now wanna meet him?” When she opened the door and saw this 6’ black guy standing in the bathroom just looking at her naked she just smiled and said “Mmmmmmmmmm is this where I get to play?”


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