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Mature Swingers First Swinging Experience - Bill & Mary From Hampshire

Mature couple First Swingers Experience Story submitted by Bill one of our Mature swingers from Hampshire

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My wife and I have been married for 25 years and we’ve always had a good sex life but things over the last few years have slowed down a bit for us both, not that we don’t still love each other but the excitement in the bedroom seems to have vanished. So we were watching a program on Channel 4 recently about mature couples and one of them on there said they tried Swinging and it brought the excitement and fun back into their relationship.

At the time I thought I’d better not say anything to my wife as I didn’t want to her to think I was getting board of her but then one night I came in early from work and found my wife on the computer searching for Mature Swingers Contacts – needless to say I was a bit shocked and then admitted that I’d been thinking the same and we both had a good laugh over it. So after tea we both sat down and started looking around the internet and found this site “Swingers Hangout” that seemed to offer a good deal and as it was saying membership was free we thought we’d give it a try.

We registered and then logged into the members area then realised we needed to complete our profile, what the heck I wasn’t ready for that and neither myself our my wife could think of anything to say, what do people say in these things, so we thought lets first see how many mature swinging members they have and then look at the profiles to see what they say, just to give us an idea. Well talk about straight to the point! No messing around, which in a way was nice after all we’ve all been around the block a few times so there's little point in making a song & dance over it.

So we went back to the profile section and placed our ad, at first I was a little shy and wasn't sure what to say as I didn’t really know what my wife would like to try and after we did our first profile we both read it and said it looked more like an ad in the local free mag looking for friends rather than a couple of mature people looking for mature contacts & swingers! So we deleted that and started again making it much raunchier.

As we only placed the ad a few days back we’ve not met up with anyone yet but we’ve had loads of email replies and the people so far seem really nice, so hopefully we will be meeting up with some one very soon, most have said for the first time maybe going out for a drink and getting to know each other would be a better idea and as a couple of mature nervous swingers a good drink will hopefully settle the nerves. That does seem really funny thinking of me & my wife as mature swingers!

So I would suggest anyone interested in spicing up the old love life a bit to try swinging, even as mature swingers it's never too late. When we have our first date LOL or meeting, whatever you call it we’ll let you know how it worked out…….


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