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Heavy Cumming Guys First Swinging Experience

Heavy Cumming Swinger tells us about using the site- George sent me an email from sunny Bodmin in Cornwall telling me about finding out about guys that are heavy cummers, as George is lucky to be one of those guys

Thanks George - and from a guy that can hardly fill an egg cup let a alone a mug I'm very envious of your heavy cumming ability, and my wife may well be contacting you soon as she loves a good facial

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Hi and let me first say I’m not good at writing so sorry, but hopefully other guys that are heavy cummers may feel a little better when they read what happened to me as I was so pissing worried about this it was making my life miserable and wanted tell other guys how I found sexual liberation. My name is George I’m 21 live in Bodmin Cornwall, I’ve never been sexually active as the odd few girls I’ve sex with have been uncomfortable with the amount of cum I ejaculate, as I am an extremely heavy cummer and when I cum it almost looks like I’m pissing myself as I cum so much.

Yet again the TV was crap so I decided to have a poke around the internet, like most the first thing I did was empty the crap from my inbox when I noticed this porn site going on about heavy cummers as I’d never heard of this term before it caught my eye so I looked a little closer at the email and was amazed when I saw photos of these guys cumming all over these girls but from the looks on their faces they loved it.

So some women do enjoy meeting guys the are heavy cummers and with this new found information I hit the search engines to research this some more and found this site (Swingers Hangout). After looking around the free ads I thought stuff it I’ll join up for one month only then if it was crap could always cancel. I completed my profile but didn’t have and nude photos and my camera phone is so pissing naff couldn’t use that, so I thought sod it a couple with my face will have to do.

After doing that I looked around the chat room then moved over to ads from Swingers Cornwall section and was amazed how many women where just looking for sex contacts that didn’t want any type of relationship just SEX! That was when I saw her profile, she was looking for heavy cummers as she loved cum facials and lived in St. Austell which isn’t that far from me so I thought fuck it why not and dropped her line not really expecting a reply

The next day I checked my mail, nothing, well I did send the message at midnight so expecting a reply with such a few hours maybe was a little hopeful. When I got home hit the mail button again still nothing “fuck” so sat back watched the box for a while then around 7ish decided to check out the chat room section, it was then that I noticed I had a reply from her ”YES”. She thanked me for contacting her and wrote saying she’d met up with a few guys from here so far none of them really offered the monster type facials she was after but had enjoyed letting them wank over her and asked me a few more questions about me as her real turn on was letting guys wank over her face.

I replied straight away hoping maybe she was still online, I told her a little more about me, also that I can almost half fill a cup when I cum!! That so far a lot of my past girlfriends have been put off by the volume of cum I have and thought fuck it why not put my phone number as well with an offer to chat if she wanted too. Within 30 minuets of sending that back I got a call from her, I was somewhat taken back by this women just phoning me up like that as I really didn’t expect it she told me her name was Julie and she lived in St.Austell was even more taken back when she asked if I wanted to meet her tonight!

I drove round to her house and was shitting myself all the way, but the nervousness soon stopped when I got inside, had a couple of drinks and we were both having laugh. When Julie then turned the subject over to Swingers Hangout & swinging and I told her that I was a complete newbie to the site and so far was pleased with it – and so far from what I’ve seen the members seem pretty fit which made Julie laugh. She told me once the other girls round here find out you’re a heavy cummer you’ll get lots of messages – trust me I know a lot of girls that would die to meet a guy like you, which in a way made me a bit embarrassed.

Right talking of your wonderful cock & cum how about you let me play, with that she knelt down in front of me and started unbuttoning my trousers, I helped her along although she didn’t need any as my trousers and boxers were soon off and was admiring my cock! ”Gonna have some fun with you” she said and starting playing with my erect cock. She was very good with her hands, knew exactly how to get me excited then, looked to me “you know I’m not into penetrative sex don’t you? I just let guys cum over my face”, “yep that’s ok with me“ and with that she started sucking me off.

It had been ages since I had a good blow job and I could feel myself starting to get extremely aroused and told Julie if she didn’t stop the intensity it wouldn’t take me long before I came, she moved her head back off my cock “don’t worry that’s exactly what I want, just make sure you pull it out and give me all that hot cum over my face” and with that started sucking my cock even fast and harder.

I could feel myself starting to get nearer to cumming and as Julie asked I pulled her head back, wanked like mad over her face and she looked up and told me “cum fucker cum all over my face” with that I came, first one load then another, she looked at me with all the cum over her face “fucking hell George, that’s amazing, no guy has ever cum so much over me”. She smiled and started using her fingers to scoop up the cum & licking them “Mmmmmm fucking yum”

Next time she asked if I would take some photos so she could post them into her profile and let me have some for my own profile so we’ve arranged another date later in the month, but when I got home I checked the mail I now had 3 other replies – looks like I’m going to be popular around here


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