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Cuckold Husband Hampshire Forced Cockold Experience

Hi my name is Pete & I’m marred to Anne and we live in Southampton in Hampshire and for many years we’ve had a very good lifestyle living in what could be classed as a luxury flat overlooking the Solent in Ocean village

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But 4 months ago that all changed  as we both lost our job at the same time – bad luck fucking tell me about it,  we worked for a shipping company and they closed up shop and moved on leaving 50 people out of a job ands fucked!

We had hoped to get employment quickly but nothing was coming in and our savings were going down fast! Even after we knocked our luxurious living standards on the head, but we still had to pay out over £2000 a month in rent and that was hunting our savings!

We didn’t know which way to turn and thought we better meet the landlord so we chat things over and maybe get a reduction in rent as something had to be done and contacted him arranging a meeting later that night. We’d never met the guy and when he turned up both myself & my wife was surprised at how young he was and wondered how he’d gotten properties like this rent and he told us that his father had left him 30 houses when he died!!  

We sat down and Anne sat directly opposite Mark and I could see him looking up Anne’s skirt and considering the extremely short skirt she had on and her figure that any guy would die to spent time with I didn’t blame him, mind you Anne was also flirting with him something chronic

Then Mark said “right your rent” with that the room went very quite and Anne looked at Mark and said “well, its kinda like this, we can’t afford to pay you anything, but we can offer you something else” gradually opening her legs and flashing him her tight little white knickers, looking at she said “like what you see, want to see more, love to touch it?” and he just looked at her and smiled “ sure, but what about your forced cuckold husband

I’d heard of cuckold husband term from streaming movies so had a pretty good idea it was about me watching her getting fucked and by the looks of things Anne was taking pretty good control with this and asked Mark if he liked what he saw, opening her legs even wider and now pulling her knickers to one side. I could also see that she was getting soaking wet by the way light was catching her fanny and knew this was also turning her on big time, either the idea of me being forced to watch her getting fucked or a stranger fucking her whilst I watch

With that she stood up and told him if he wanted to fuck her it was under her terms and with this agreed and she knelt down in front of him unzipping his trousers and pulling out a dick, looking at it she smiled and slowly pulled his foreskin back and started to wank him off, looking over at me she could also see I had a bulge in my pants as well but told me I would have to wait but if I was good she'd give me a blowjob which she knew I loved

Next she turned around and slowly lowered herself onto his erect cock and slowly started to fuck him pushing herself deep down into him, getting fast and faster, she then pulled herself off him and bent over the table and told him to fuck her, with this he stood up and proceeded to fuck her hard and it didn’t take him long to cum

He pulled his trousers up and agreed not paying the rent for a month and fortunately the following month we both got jobs , but we are thinking about trying it again as after he went we both said how much we enjoyed it her being a hotwife & me the humiliated husband only being able to watch!!


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