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Mature Couple First Time Scottish Swingers

First time swingers Burt & Jane tell us about why they started swinging and as scottish swingers soon found the only way to meet with real scottish swingers was via a website as the lack of good clubs didn't help

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where to start Hi, I'm Burt (54) & the wife Jane (51) from Glasgow, you'd think with a city the size of Glasgow finding a good swingers club or a place to meet others really would be hard, well trust me it is! maybe its because of our age and really we also weren't that sure about how far we wanted to go with swinging

We knew we wanted to try swinging as our sex life had become a bit stale and we needed something to kick it back into life, you know the problem you go to bed get into the same old positions have sex and go to sleep, well I wanted more and fortunately the wife felt the same

So we started looking around and whilst we knew of a few scotland swingers clubs that was just a bit to hardcore for us first timers and we wanted a more gentle introduction into swinging so started looking the swingers websites and settled on this one.

We placed this ad

scotstimecpl - first time scottish couple - hi we are a mature couple from scotland looking for our first time swinging experience with other scottish couples. We are only looking for local contacts as we are not looking for just SEX only and will want to build friendships up and trust before we consider swapping partners - Ayrshire, Scotland

After posting this ad we really weren't sure what to expect after all from looking at a lot of the swingers ads they did seem to be from young swingers rather than older swingers like us, but we still thought we'd try and see what happens.

We then spend another 2 hours looking around the site and reading other members profiles and soon realised that we weren't alone with our request for swingers/friends contacts and better still a lot were from Scotland as well

We've sent some messages out to other members and so far we've had a couple reply but it didn't really seem what we wanted but one couple from Ayrshire as well sounded really nice and we've chatted via the swingers chatrooms and now by phone so we are meeting them next weekend so we'll post and let you know how things worked out



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