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Our first Swingers Club sex in Kent FREE Erotic story

This couple are not alone in wanting to try a swingers club, but like so many didn't want to go alone - joining a swingers website is not only a great place to meet with like minded contacts but finding local contact to clubs and venues

This couple want to try swingers clubs but little did they know they would end up having a hot tub swingers threesome, now thats my idea of fun ....

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We are a couple living in Portsmouth and for some time have wanted to try swinging, but rather than just meeting a couple we wanted to try the clubbing scene - If you know hampshire you'll probably know the swingers clubs scene round here is pretty crap !!

In an effort to find more information we joined a swingers site ( this one) and started reading some of the reviews on clubs, but the problem was we didn't fancy going alone so posted up in the swingers forum for a clubbing buddies ( is that what they are called?)

We had this couple ( Mark & Karen ) contact us from Kent and they told about this club they often use and even sent a link to there website so we could have a look around and it did put the South Coast swingers clubs to shame ......very classy, so we arranged a weekend to meet and they suggested a local bar to the club.

We got to the pub a little late but thankfully we had Marks number so I sent him a text saying we were on route and would be 20 mins late – after all I didn’t want to think we weren’t going to show as I didn’t want them to think we were time wasters. Getting to the pub we meet up and having seen there photos knew what they looked like and after a drink headed out the club. The club was basically HUGE and really tastefully decorated and a friendly atmosphere which made us feel at home straight away.

Want to see some Hampshire Swingers? ........enjoy

We thanked the couple and bought a drink and we started chatting away, we all knew something about each other as we’d read profiles and had a few emails and they knew Julie ( my wife ) was bi and I was straight and I could see the way Marks wife (Karen) was looking at Julie that she wanted to private time with her …..not likely least yet .

Julie & Karen were chatting away  and Karen suggest if we'd like to go and look around which we were up for but Mark was now watching some women dancing on a pole with basically nothing on so we headed off to look around. There was various rooms some private other more open so people could see what was going on but it was when we came across this garden type room with a hot tub that Karen suggest we get in as no one else was using it

Stripping off she gets in and gesturing us we do the same and both strip off and slip into the hot tub, the feeling of the hot water against our naked bodies was really nice as we’d never been in a hot tub before and certainly when we had considered it with was never with another naked women in a public place.

Karen moves over and first gives me a kiss then a far more lingering kiss with Julie and it was clear her focus was Julie and she respond hungrily loosing herself in  pleasure almost forgetting where we were, Julia moves her hand up and start playing with Karens tits that are much bigger than julies and at the same time I felt a hand reach of and start wanking me off.

Julie then tells me to sit on the edge of the hot tub and Karen move to the other side as they each take turns sucking me off pausing occasionally to kiss and looking at the reaction on both faces it was clear they were fingering each under the water, the sucking and licking got faster and combining this with my wife playing at being a lesbian I soon came and they both shared my cum between them both

We got out and dried ourselves and heading back to the bar Mark was still there and looking towards us asked if we were having fun “yes” how about us all heading off to a more private room

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