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Couple bad time Doggin in Portsmouth

Dogging Bad Experience! Les from Portsmouth sent this story to me and it the first time I've ever heard anyone having a bad experience like this while Dogging - If you know of anything like this please drop me a line.

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Hi, I just wanted to drop people a line and let them know sometimes dogging can go wrong! We've been into swapping & swinging around Pompey for years and we've meet up with loads of great friends, in fact last month we went on holiday with one couple to a nudist/swinging resort in France and had a great time. But that's not why I've sent this true life dogging story in.

We've been dogging all around Hampshire, sometimes we travel to Winchester or maybe even Soton common, it really depends on our mood or if the place we are dogging at is dead or not, but this night we drove to Portsdown Hill as there's a car park their often used by Doggers and we've had many a good night, least that was the case till last month. We pulled into the car park and parked up overlooking Portsmouth and waited around its was about 11ish and it was pretty dead other than a couple of gay guys having some fun in a car nearby but that doesn't worry me – each to their own.

Then these 2 cars pulled in one parked along side us the other a bit further down and 2 guys got out of the car and walked up to the window, now we know the routine well enough so opened the window and the guys started chatting and having a bit of a laugh as they were around our ages it was all good fun. Then one asked if my wife would give em a flash of her fanny which she was more than happy to do as she always went dogging with no knickers on, so just pulled her little red skirt up and flashed them her shaven fanny!!

Everything was going well, my wife was flashing her fanny and one was even having a bit of a play which I was cool about as I love seeing guys finger her, then the 2 guys from the other car came over and were trying to see into the car from the other side. I then noticed another couple of guys walking over and literally within a few moments we had something like 10 guys around the car some trying to open the car doors other trying to put their hands into the car.

It was at this stage I decide enough was enough and told Julie to close the window and I started the car up which the guys didn't like as they kicked the doors, which got both of us very upset and nervous so I reversed up the car park turning the car around and out of my mirror saw 2 cars starting up. We pulled out onto the road and started heading off towards Havant and I then noticed them behind me flashing their headlights indicated that I pull over, which I had no intention of doing.

We had to drive right down into Havant before they pulled away and was seriously considering pulling into Havant Police station, but thankfully didn't have to go that far. We later met up with some other friends that are also into dogging and they told us some idiots had been going around doing some gay bashing in Portsmouth and by the sounds of things we got caught up in it as it didn't seem normal activity for Doggers to be so aggressive. Fortunately that was just a one off and has never happened again, but it has made us very warey of it all unfortunately!!


Got your own dogging bad experience story? Then drop us a line and we'll let others know!

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