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Cuckold Dogging Wife's Cucks First Dogging Experience.

Cuckold Dogging husband gets watch his wife - At last Mark from Bath in Somerset finds out he's not alone in wanting to see his wife suck a strangers cock after watching a program on C4 about swingers and finding out that his fetish for this has a name "Cuckold Dogging" this is what happened - Thanks for dropping me a line Mark and please make sure after your next cuckold dogging experience you write and tell us how it worked out

P.S it maybe an idea to post something within the dogging chat room section so maybe some members could enjoy your wife as well

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For years my husband has been going on about wanting to watch me give another guy a blowjob and I’ve always just laughed it off, anyway last week we were watching some documentary on Channel 4 and they were going on about swingers and something we’d never heard of before called “cuckold husbands” that’s husbands that like to watch their partners or wives have sex with other guys while they watch.

This was all it took for my husband to do further research which is when we found this site, it also got me interested as well as maybe over the years the idea was starting to sound more and more interesting but rather than wanting to contact other swingers my husband suggested about Doggin! As he’d been into the chat room section where this guy was posting details of dogging spots around the UK and better still posted one in Bath, in fact the bloody car park where I park up when I talk my dog for a walk.

I suggested one evening we take a drive down there, but if he wanted to try cuckold dogging then he’d have to hide round the corner and just watch, as I was now up for this and the idea of sucking some strangers cock off got me going. It was around 10ish we drove down to the car park, he got out walked around the corner then I carried on driving and pulled into the car park. I noticed a few cars parked up so parked along side them knowing my cuckold dogging husband was just around the corner and could see the car clearly so flashed my lights as I’d read that’s one of the things doggers do.

It didn’t take long before this guy got out of a car, walked over to my window and asked what I was into. I looked over to him and said “blowjobs hun” and with that I got out of the car unzipped his fly and started slowly sucking his cock. Considering my husband's dick had been the only one I’d sucked off for 10 years it was fucking horny to taste another man and I completely forgot about my cuckold husband watching me as this guy put his hand behind my head and started fucking my mouth faster and faster. He then asked me if I wanted it in the mouth or facial and I replied “facial I love feeling a guys cum all over my face” with that he pulled his cock out just in time before he came all over me.

Afterwards he got into his car and drove off and I did the same, collecting my husband from around the corner, he looked over to me a smiled and said “fuck hun that was horny as hell, I wanna take you home and fuck you silly” considering my knickers were soaking wet I also knew a good fucking was needed – next time I may try 2 guys


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