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Husband caught CrossDressing Wearing Womens Knickers Experience

Wife See's husband CrossDressing - John from Cromer, Norfolk dropped me a line about how his wife first found out he was a Crossdresser what happened when they had a girlie chat for the first time

Thanks John - your extremely lucky you have an open minded wife the understands your CD lifestly and hopefully others may wish to come out and tell their wives also that they enjoy wearing womens underwear

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Hi, I’ve been living a secret life of a Crossdresser and hiding it from my wife for the last 5 years but last month she (Mary) found out and to my surprise was happy about it so I thought I’d drop Swingers Hangout a line so that hopefully other Crossdressing males / husbands wouldn’t be worried about coming out and telling their wives - I’m not gay or bisexual but just enjoy putting my women’s underwear on.

I’ve been a member of Swingers Hangout for a while now and really only use it for the chat room as it’s a handy place to chat with other crossdressing guys and perhaps dress up and chat, although I’ve never met anyone and to be honest don’t think I will ever but as I’ve now just installed a webcam I’m hoping to start seeing other guys as well as it will be interesting to see what some of my friends look like as we’ve been chatting for years and although I’ve seen photos its never the same as video.

For the last few years my wife has been going to Bingo on Wednesday nights it’s more a girlie night out than the just bingo, but it does give me a chance to turn to my other lifestyle, although I never referred to myself as a Crossdresser until recently I suppose that’s what I am as I do get a massively turned on when I put my sexy silk knickers & black tights on.

One day last month Mary had gone out with her friends same time as usual so I went upstairs stripped off and opened the box at the back of the wardrobe where I keep my own little collection of knickers & tights. I pulled out my favourite pair of black silk knickers and slowly pulled them up my legs making sure the material rubbed against my legs and I could feel the hairs all standing up as the silk brushed against them and with every inch it moved up my leg my cock grew, by the time I pulled the knickers over my arse cheeks my cock was hard and wanting attention but the tights were next!!

I opened a pair of tights and as I pulled them from the packet sniffed them, holding them against my face and slowly moved them down to my feet as I slipped one foot in and started pulling them up my legs, the feeling of the silk against my legs was enough to make me grab my cock and just slowly pull my foreskin back and slowly wank myself for a short while, then wanting to get the tights fully on I pulled the other foot on a pulled them fully up. In the past if I’ve not worn knickers & tights for a while the tight feeling of the tights with knickers on has been enough to make me cum straight away but I’ve been able to JUST about control that as it does spoil the evening when I cum so soon.

So with my knickers & tights on I started walking downstairs getting more and more aroused with every step as I could feel the silk against my skin and it was at that stage that the front door opened!!! Mary looked up at me “ummmm, the bingo was closed” and I replied ”oh”. We then just stood and looked at each other for a while not saying anything and I was getting ready for a massive bollocking! When Mary said to me “I like those knickers, in fact nearly bought some last week“ and at that stage we both started laughing as I walked into the front room and sat down.

Mary then started asking a few questions, like if I was gay or bi, if I’d every been outside or done anything sexual with another person while wearing women’s knickers. I told her no to everything and started explaining about why I get aroused wearing women’s clothing and so far was only into knickers & tights but would like to try other sexy lingerie as well and to my surprise we had almost a girlie type chat about various different types of knickers.

A few drinks later and we were both having a real laugh and it and Mary said she didn’t have any worries about this and from the look of my cock stretching against the silk tights & knickers I clearly enjoyed it! Mary got my hand and said come on love lets go fuck!! We then started walking up the stairs and Mary said with a annoyed tone to her voice ”your arse looks better than mine in those knickers” and I turned round and smiled if you like you can borrow them later on and with that we both jumped onto the bed and fucked like crazy.

Afterwards Mary asked if I would put them on again next Wednesday – and maybe she’d get me a sexy little black dress just so she could put her hand up my silk tights and feel my erect cock under my dress – but that’s another day!


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