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Black Guy Fucks my wife - Cuckold True life Stories

Kevin From Devon / Barnstaple tells us about watching his wife getting fucked by a black guy :- you know I just wished my wife was into fucking black guys buts just something that doesn't turn her on ;o(

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From Kevin - we live a sleepy village called Barnstaple in Devon and fortunately thanks to swingers website's we are able to find local swingers contacts as there's no swingers clubs around this part of the UK. BUT for ages my wife has been going on about wanting some BLACK MEAT as she calls it but as we've never really been into the cuckold scene its just something that's never happen - that was until one day last month

Great Story Kevin & thanks for sending your cuckold story in

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Its was just another normal night least I though so when the door bell went and my wife walked to the door and invented this guy in. Pete walked in and standing at 6foot plus and built like a brick shit house was a big guy and as black as they come

It was then that my wife told me that she was fed up waiting for me to arrange for a black bull to fuck her and did something about it by placing her own hotwife ad after black males to fuck her, whilst her wimp cuckold husband watches - to say I was shocked was an understatement but she just looked at me and told me it was going to happen and I had no say in the matter!!!

So I looked at her and asked " OK, hun what's the game then, how do I play out this little cuckold fantasy of yours?" as I know she's watched loads of cuckold movies so knew she would have a plan up her sleeve

The plan my little cuckold husband is YOU will sit here and when I feel like it you maybe aloud to come and watch! "WTF" so she walked upstairs with this massive black guy following her and after a short while could here all this noise coming from upstairs and at first thought after a short while she;d invite me up but it went on and on eventfully she came walking downstairs completely naked

Walking up to me she looked and said "do you want to watch a black man fucking me" and I thought OK I'll play her game and followed her upstairs into the bedroom and she'd move the chair over to the side of the bed and Pete last laying on the bed with a massive erect black cock sticking up waiting for my white wife to slip down onto it

I sat down and my wife said I could wank off if I liked but NOT to cum!!! this was really odd seeing her being so dominant but a massive turn up and she moved across the bed and lowered herself onto his cock and seeing her cunt stretch open as this massive black cock slipped in almost made cum straight away

She started to fuck him slowly at first and I can only assume this was to get her juices flowing again as I could see that his black cock was really opening her right up but it didn't take long below her juices started to flow and his fucking got faster and harder and I knew with the noises she was making that she was going to cum

She came within a few seconds of her getting a hard fucking, then shortly after she came again, fuck I'd not had her cumming like this for a long time in fact I think the last time was during a visit to a swingers club we went to a few years back. Anyway she was well into her 3rd cum when Pete asked if she wanted it in the cunt or face and she told him to fill her cunt and with that her shot his load deep inside her, but as he pulled a black cock out I got a great creampie shot with cum flowing out of her cunt

Since then we've arranged with other black guys to fuck my wife while I watch and all I can say is that being a cuckold husband is FUCKING great


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