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Bifem Swingers Clubs Story First Timer Sex with another Girl

Hampshire Bifem story , It was something I’d been considering for years and after joining a swingers website to meet with Hampshire bifems the fun pretty well started straight after placing my advert.

Now don’t get me wrong I love the attention a man gives a women as much as any women but it had come to that time when I should act on my feelings, and after my first meet things just took off and now theres no looking back. My new “girlfriend” told me about a club she knew off and wanted to know if I fancied some fun and to join her, I didn’t need to be asked twice!

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We got into the club and the hostess showed us around and we got changed into a crotchless black lace bodystocking and not feeling confident to walk around in anything else yet but my friend wore a corset that fitted just under her massive tits and whilst she put knickers on at first those soon came off. We went into the main playroom and it was quite a sight seeing groups of men fucking with two women on a bed. We decided to sit on the sofa and watch but it wasn’t long before we started kissing.

We moved into another room and laying back on a sofa my girlfriend started to fondle & play with me and then went down on me. Then a another guy came over and started kissing me and playing with my tits. By now my girlfriend was using her fingers on me along with tongue and I soon came.

By now a couple of guys were watching and it was a real turn on having guys watching me with massive hard cocks. The guy stopped and started watching the girl as well as she was fingering me so well she was making me cum almost constantly, she move up and standing aside me and I pushed my fingers into her that made her legs shake and moving she laid down and moving over I went down on her.

She tasted so sweet as I nibbled and sucked her clit. I was pushing my tong so deep into her and fucked her hard and deep and it wasn’t long before she let out a loud orgasm and looking around again we suddenly had a room filled with a men.

After we thought about another look around and wanted to investigate other rooms and as we’d already seen the main room but off that was some smaller rooms, one of which we’d just used.

The other rooms were all themed quite nice. We walked into another were there was a big Telly on the wall with some porn videos playing and yet another large double or should I say king sized bed in another a which was a bit more secluded we walked into and this young guy followed us and after asking if it was ok went down between my legs and started licking my pussy , may I say extremely well.

My girlfriend kissed me and fondled my breasts and my friend then laid next to me which gave me a chance to use my fingers on her  and we stayed there for the rest of the evening with the three of us fucking, fingering and having lots of fun

The club wasn't at all how I expected and I’m more than up for returning for more fun


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