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I adore bareback fucking Swingers Erotic Story

Fiona tells us about Bareback sex, True life experience, she tells us about her love for barebacking Swinging and how she likes to feel a guy cum inside her fanny

Thanks Fiona for sending this in and please from all the other barebacking swingers members don't stop fucking ;0)

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Hi there, my name is Fiona, I’m 31, and I have been a full member of Swinger’s Hangout for quite a while now, and I have met up with loads of cool horny people. I find that the chatroom is the best place to meet new members; they are very friendly and flirty in there.

I am a real fan of bareback fucking, I love it when I can feel a guy’s cum shoot up my pussy. Of course I wouldn’t do it with just anyone, only guys that I get to know a bit and I feel that I can trust them. But I think it is worth it, you really can’t beat the feel of a nice hard cock in all its glory!

A few weeks ago, I came across a guy in the chatroom that I hadn’t seen before, Johnny. I checked out his profile, and I liked what I saw! He had a couple of photos on there, one good face pic - he had sexy dark hair and eyes and a nice smile, and a rather impressive cock shot lol! And he was from Birmingham, which is not far from me, I live in Swingers West Bromwich in the West Midlands. But the thing that really caught my eye was that he didn’t always practice safe sex! Well, that was it for me and I sent him a message straight away asking him if he wanted a chat. After a couple of minutes he replied, I think he must have had a look at my profile before he made up his mind!

Anyway, we seemed to hit it off straight away, and chatted away about all sorts of stuff. Time just flew by, and after an hour I told him I had to go, but we could chat again the next night if he wanted to. The next day really dragged, I just could not wait to chat to Johnny again. That evening I logged on again and hit the chatroom. At first he wasn’t in there, and I panicked a bit! But then he appeared after a little while and said hit.

Straight away, He started being really filthy, asking me what I was wearing, and telling me what he was going to do to me! Well, this got me nice and wet, and very horny. So I sat there and wanked myself off until I came. We had a few cam sessions after that, each time Johnny was more and more filthy. I couldn’t take this much longer, I thought, I had to meet up with Johnny before I exploded with sexual frustration!


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