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Sharron from Gosport Hampshire must be every guys dream girl, no messing around straight down to action and taking a massive cock up her arse over a car bonnet in Farham - way to go girl!!! you have fun

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Hi my name is Sharron from Gosport in Hampshire and for years I’ve been massive fan of Anal Sex I just love it, my problem for a long time was that my husband hated it and thought the idea of fucking someone arse to be dirty WTF!!! Yep I know all fellow anal sex fans will wonder why, it still baffles me but he does still service me in lots of other ways just no fucking my arse.

A few years back it really built up to be quite a problem for us and I found myself using dildos on my arse when my husband wasn’t around and for a while that did fill my need for anal sex, but as anyone will say you just can’t beat a real cock, or some guy pushing himself deeper and deeper into your tight little arse.

But as I said I wanted the real thing and told my husband this and he agreed that I could meet guys for anal, but no kissing, cuddling or any other type of sex, which I agreed and started looking at the various swingers and sex contacts sites.

I found Swingers Hangout and it seemed as good as any of the others so I thought why not lets sign up. I completed my profile and put up a couple of photos showing of my sexy little ring just waiting for a cock and another with me fingering my arse, which is another one of my fav pastimes, which I’ve been know in the past for doing almost anywhere but that’s another story.

I didn’t really know what to expect from the ad or whether I’d get many replies after all are guys just into fucking a girl’s arse and nothing else and when I say nothing I mean NOTHING! So I left it a few days then logged into my account and found two replies, one from some nutter in Scotland, like doh doesn’t he know where Gosport is, TWAT!!!

The other from Portsmouth ”YES!” He put in his reply that he understood where my husband was coming from as his situation was the other way round with a wife that hated anal sex, so he would be happy to be my “anal sex fuck buddy”.

We agreed to meet up in a local pub in Fareham and being the little tart I’m made sure I was dressed to kill with a little black mini on, with no knickers ;0) after all I had to let him see the goods. Once in the pub I found a darkish little corner and waited for him to come in. He got their bang on time, walked over and sat next to me, as I didn’t want to mess around I got straight onto the subject of his cock!! As although my arse hadn’t been fucked by a real cock for some time the dildos I’d been using where not small and I was ready for some real good sized meat in my arse.

So, I asked him to get his cock out for me as I was sure some of these photos guys send out or post in their profiles where fake and their was no way I was settling for some little dick as I wanted a decent girth in me and at least 8”.

He looked over to me undid his fly and pulled out his dick that was already semi. I could see that he was clearly an 8 maybe even 9 inch, which almost made me want to straddle him there and then, but I think the people in the pub would object to two people fucking LOL – “people are very odd”


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