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Most of the general questions regarding swinging are dealt with in the Swingers Etiquette & Advice sections of the website and to find out what the site offers please read the site features page.

  • Usernames cannot be changed so think carefully before you submit your registration!
  • Passwords & email addresses can be changed by contacting us with full details of your username & existing details
  • Classic Membership is FREE !!
  • Premium Membership is paid subscription as follows:
  • The more often you log in the higher you will appear in the search results but if you do not log in for 3 months you will stop appearing in the search results - you'll still be able to log in after this & use the site as normal
  • No details of your email address or your IP address are ever available to anyone outside of the site staff and your confindential details will NEVER be passed on to another member or 3rd party outside of the Adult Hub.
  • Any personal contact details included in profiles will be removed as these are checked by hand. Also please do not try to disguise contact details - they will be found!


Get the facts and then you know you'll enjoy safe swinging!

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