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Swingers Parties Rules & Etiquette - Party Rule Guide

Ok you've got your first swingers party invite here are a few Do's & Don'ts but a lot of this just boils down to common sense and respecting people's boundaries

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Swingers Parties Swinging Rules:

  • Before the Party - Ok this may sound really daft but have a shower, a shave both facial & private if that's your thing & don't forget CONDOMS
  • Contact the host - find out what you need to take along, some people could get very offended if you turned up empty handed while others would expect a bottle or three
  • Drugs - Drugs are generally considered a no-no, likewise in some houses even cigarettes
  • At the party - if its at someone's house make sure you track the hosts down and introduce yourself - although if they are "busy" come back later, for larger swingers parties have a walk around and familiarise yourself with the venue
  • Next Relax - You're going to be there for the night so find a place to chill and chat with other swingers - swingers parties aren't all about everyone fucking i'ts also a social event as well
  • Have fun - OK you're now ready to play, there's probably only a few rooms prepared and some of these maybe theme related so find the best place and enter the room, next move over to the group and normally if people are happy for others to join they will signal BUT the important thing DON'T be pushy and No means NO
  • Always safe - always have safe sex at parties not unless everyone indicates bareback swinging and then it is down to you to decide yourself - but remember don't let the little guy between your legs do the thinking, safe sex is always best
  • FUN - Enjoy yourself - don't drink too much and have fun

The thing you have to remember is swingers parties are about people having fun and mixing with like minded people normally found from chat rooms or one of the swingers party ads members post, but one thing that will get you thrown out is BAD manners, NOT respecting peoples boundaries or GETTING pissed - other than that have FUN!


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