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Swingers parties can either be small private affairs that are organised for just a few couples at one of the swinging couples homes, larger events still held at a private house but on a larger scale where not everyone knows each other and often single females are invited, or commercial parties held in clubs or hotels where an admission fee is charged.

If you have never attended a swingers party before it might be worth while trying to get invited to a small house party first as they are often less intimidating and you may already know the hosts or maybe some of the other swinger guests.

Traditionally single males are not invited to small private parties as these tend to be for swinging couples only, but at commercial swingers parties they will be allowed to attend but normally are charged a small fee, or a single male maybe invited along if they accompany another couple so make up a threesome.

However, it is becoming more of a trend for male swingers to be bi-sexual and so the structure of parties is starting to change - however many straight guys don't like to see bi-male action and therefore it is always worth checking with the host to find out exactly how things are at their parties!

One of the best ways to get your party noticed is by placing a posting/ad within the swingers forum that is always very active with members looking for up and coming events - this also means you can vet the profiles first and find out a little about the swingers before you invite them along, but either way posting your party details on either the forum or chat room will guarantee lots of interest

Another growing trend is for bukkake parties where obviously the ratio of men to women is different or for greedy girls where the females like to get fucked by as many men as possible in one night. These activities may be part of general swingers parties or a separate event.

so if you are interested in joining a party or if you hold your own private parties and want new guests then post your invites online now.....


Make sure you know the house rules for the swingers parties!

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