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Swingers Friends Online Network

Swingers Friends NetworkAs you meet & play with new swinger friends you can add them to your online swingers network, then when others view your profile they will also see your 'friends network' and as with anything in life the more friends you have the greater your social status! Obviously it doesn't mean that if you have no swingers in your friends network that no one else will want to speak to you.

The friends network enhances your online swinging experience as it means you and your swinger friends can vouch for each other, showing that you trust other swingers in the network and that they and are genuine.

It can also help you to find swingers you may not have found in your searches. Plus if you send out an invite to a new member and they sign up you will be able to see their friends & also the friends of every swinger member on the site - what a great way to build up your swingers network!

Genuine Swinger Tag:

If you have had a meeting with another swinger from the site or maybe met up & played with them at a swingers party, you can award them a Genuine Swinger Tag. This appears at the top of the online profiles and lets other swingers know that they are a genuine swinger, turn up to meets and match their photos/profile description. You must have been awarded a genuine tag before you can yourself award one to your new swinger friend!


Swingers Friends Network & Genuine Swinger Tags - making your online swingers experience safe & fun!

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