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Looking for Durham swingers clubs and venus? Well I have to be honest my knowledge around Durham so I don't really know what the swinging scene like in the North East, but judging from the members profiles I've looked at its pretty clear Durham does like its swinging

If your looking for clubs & venus for swinging then the best people to ask are the local using them and considering we run a FREE Durham Contacts website you can join up and ask the local what swingers clubs they use in Durham

As a member not only will you have FREE access to thousands od Durham swingers but will be able to read reviews and give your own views on just how good or not Durham swinging really is - To give you some idea I've posted a members recent party details along with some sample photos from durham contacts

Durham Swingers Group / Party

durhamgroupcple - hi thanks for reading our profile we are a couple plus 2 and are looking at starting our little group for private swingers parties around Durham. We are 46 / 42 and I'm straight but my wife is bisexual and we would like to get a group of maybe 6 or so couples so that we can hold parties at each others houses over the year.

We have a friend of ours in Hampshire thats member of a small group and it gives a great way for people to meet up that all know each other if perhaps your not into the clubs scene but still enjoy group meets

We are looking for similar aged couples ONLY so no single guys or females and ideally aged between 25-55. The other couple we meet with are also Durham swingers and you can find there profile by looking at our friends list

Drop us a line and lets meet up and we are looking at holding a fancy dress swingers party soon so let us know and hopefully you'll be able to attend -


Want to check out some Durham contacts? posted below are members sample profile photos - to protect members images have been edited but once a member you'll have full access to all images

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Swinging Clubs Tyne and Wear

Posted below is details of Swingers clubs around Durham - We have no involvement with clubs listed on this page - If you run a club in Durham drop us a line and we will add it so others can contact you

Club Name : The Passion Club
Location : North East / Durham
Contact number: 07927518850
Website : http://thepassionclub.co.uk/

Club Info : We are the Passion Club, A Swingers club in the heart of the Northeast of England.

We are run and designed by swingers, after all a swinger knows what a swinger wants . We are close to Durham,Sunderland,Washington,Newcastle & Teesside

We have dedicated nights for single's and couples alike, Just click on the tablets near the bottom of the screen as to which night you would be most interested in.. why not have a look at some of the nights you wouldn't have thought about as well ! You might get a surprise !

We have a smoking area , social / drinking area, lockers to keep all your things safe and the best staff in the world... ever ! As well as the best playrooms around.

If you know of any other clubs in Durham drop us a line with your recommendations and we'll post it for others to see

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