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Swingers clubs & Private Swinging Bars have become even more popular in recent times with a more liberal attitude towards sex in general and an ever increasing take up of the swinging lifestyle these clubs can be very formal in members only establishments, privately let hotels or rather more informal parties held at private homes.

Most clubs are designed for swinging couples which also allow single females but many only allow single men to attend in very limited numbers and membership/entrance for single men can be costly and they are usually stringently vetted beforehand but the approach is to contact the Swingers club and find out there rules for allowing single men into the swinging private clubs

Many clubs have themed nights, such as particular fetishes, bondage nights, fancy dress and masked balls. It is very important that you thoroughly check out any club before you attand to ensure that you are not going to be caught out & overly surprised at any 'different' action taking place.

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