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Soft Swap Swing Swapping FAQs

For many the idea of swinging and encountering strangers in a sexual situation is very appealing but they do not want to share the intimacy of penetrative sex with anyone but their own partner. A lot of couples new to the swingers lifestyle choose their first swinging experience to be a soft swap, where they experiment and play with others but only have intercourse with their own partner.

If soft swap is the type of swinging you feel that best suits you then you must make sure that you agree boundaries with your partner before contacting other swingers and make it clear in your profile that you are not into full swap swinging.

Soft Swing Options:

  1. Girl / Girl - this has become very common & popular within the swinging community and is basically just sexual action between the participating females with the male partners watching. Full sex might take place by the male/female partners at the end of the session.
  2. Same Room - ideal situation for exhibitionists & voyeurs as they get to perform and be watched or watch other having sex, does not necessarily involve any swapping at all.
  3. Soft Swap - this involves the participants being able to touch and physically interact, often including oral sex and kissing with the others but with no penetration.

For many couples a soft swap swinger session is an exciting extension of their own foreplay with full sex happening after the soft swap action has finished. However you may find that some couples put "we're only into soft swing swops but might be interested in a full-swap with the right couple" in their profile as you just never know how the nights events might effect you! This is why it is extremely important that you and your partner communicate and are both happy with the situation.


Remember, especially in a soft swap swinging situation no mean NO!

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