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The Uk cuckold scene isn't just for the younger members in fact we probably have more mature cuckold couples than any other age range and with the amount of mature members easily out numbering any other age group if your looking to meet with mature cuckolded couples you really won't have to look too far to start finding personals adverts

The cuckold scene is about one thing alone that horny mature husbands watching their equally hot mature hot wives getting fucked by in most cases younger bulls although thats not something that is set in stone as just as many mature couples are looking to hearing from similar aged males / bulls, and needless to say either black or white swingers

So if your looking to meet with mature couples for cuckolded sex then you really don't need to look to much further than swingers hangout for the very best in Uk ands European cuckold personals and to give you some idea I've posted some sample adverts that have been taken from within the members section and these are all from mature couples looking to hear from single males

Sample mature members photos

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babscucks - hi thanks for reading my advert, my name is babs ( yes it really is) and I'm a mature women of 56 thats looking for younger males to please me whilst my cuckolded husband watches.

Due to a medical problem he can no longer please me and for some years I've been making do with toys and fingers but no more and my hubby has at last accepted this and approves of me meeting males, so long as he gets to watch

He will not be getting involved in any way other than taking some photos for my own enjoyment afterwards so would prefer males that don't mind having their photos taken whilst fucking a horny women. I do have a thing for younger males and so long as your happy to fuck a fifty plus women then I'll meet with you

I don't play without protection but I will suck you and I always swallow! so if your interested in meeting up drop me a line, also it seems a lot of guys have been contacting me with no photos! and to those members NOPE!!! I'm not interested I'm only interested in hearing from members that can supply a photo Looking forward to hearing from you SOON - ( contact member )


other recently reviewed adverts from the members sections

Instant Access to Ads - click here- Bored wife wants males - I'm looking for VWE males / Black guys to fuck me whilst the cuckold watches. We are a mature couple and have been in the swinging scene for sometime but my hubby now's wants a break but I don't so we are looking for males of any age to give me a good sorting. I'm not looking for guys to kiss and romance me I get that from my hubby, all I want is for you to turn take me upstairs and fuck me silly then leave! - Sounds interesting?? drop me a line but please don't ask to meet alone as my cuckold will want to watch ( contact member )

Instant Access to Ads - click here- Forced sissy cuckold - I'm a dominant hotwife with a weak submissive mature hubby thats looking for males for cuckold meets. My husband will be dressed as a sissy maid and it will be his job to sever us with whatever we need including doing cuckold clean up to us both. Needless to say he's extremely submissive and will do whatever we want or for some extra fun we could just make him sit in the car outside whilst we fuck and I'll then tell him afterwards what happened if he's a good little cucks we are also into, spanking, bukkake, Creampie, bareback fucking ,so long as my little cuck has some type of involvement ( contact member )

Instant Access to Ads - click here- Dirty mature horny wife - Hi I'm a fifty some mature cuckquean thats looking for males of any age to please me whilst my hubby watches and takes photos / videos. He won't be getting involved in any way well other than taking pics and we would like to hear from HUNG males so only males over 8" need contact me and I will want proof of your size before we meet. I'm a slim women with a massive sex drive that my hubby can no longer keep up with so he has agreed to let me meet males so long as he can watch ( contact member )

These are just a few of the recently viewed adverts from mature cuckolded couples and if you want to see more then just click the join banner and as we offer free membership should you wish you can even join up for free !!!

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