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Full Swap Swingers

Full swap is probably what most people think of when they envisage what swingers get up to - partners swapping to have full penetrative sexual intercourse with other people/strangers. This is where they differ from those who only soft swap.

You could say that this is the 'anything goes' genre of swinging as often couples will all play together with the swapping being more like an orgy or, if more than two couples are present and participating, a gangbang.

We would suggest that if you are new to swinging you consider a soft swap session first and only if you are both completely happy & comfortable with things you then progress to a full swap a bit later. Many couples are really just a bit voyeuristic, enjoying performing for others and when it comes down to it they really don't want to swap at all - if you have not given it full thought/discussion you may find that this is where the old green eyed monster starts to appear! Full Swap Swingers

Full Swing Considerations:

  1. Guys, are you prepared to see & hear your wife or partner being screwed by another guy and see her sucking on their dick?
  2. Girls, can you get to grips with your bloke fucking another female after going down and tasting her juices?
  3. Will you insist on using condoms? We have many bareback swingers who don't use condoms preferring to cum inside their new swing partner
  4. Same room? Could you still perform knowing your other half is in the same room doing it with someone else? Some swingers find it easier if their partner is in a completely different room all together
  5. How many can you handle at one time? If you are going to a party or club then it might be that girls out number the men and you are offered DPs or a gangbang situation

One advantage of Swingers Hangout is that you can join for free and use our online chat rooms and forums, where you can ask questions and experienced full swap couples can then advise you on what it is like, what to expect and maybe even take you under their wing for your first full swap swinging session...


Full or soft swap - you decide!

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