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Try Dogging you know you want to, but where's the info

The dogging photos used on this page are taken directly from members profiles

How to locate a dogging spot, you know its one of the most posted questions within the chatroom's and fortunately most members will just direct people straight into the forums secti0ons as thats the best place to start.

Its a fact most people that dog in an area will know about where all the best locations are and its a fact that most mature dogging couples will know the places probably better than finding there way away around the local supermarkets, but if your curious about dogging and thinking you may want to give it a go then where to start and finding these "hidden" locations can be hard going..........thats if you don't know who to ask!

So if your within that group of wanna-be dogging and curious about this lifestyle but donít have a clue how the find the best dogging locations and when I say best I mean the ones that are not overly patrolled by the police, after all whilst we'd like to think we are not breaking the law as dogger's by having sex in public places we ARE breaking the law, but lets be honest thats what makes it more fun! .

When considering dogging most people will turn towards the internet and expect to see loads of dogging information laid out in from of them, but the only problem with this is if your reading it so is everyone else including the police, so it's not as straightforward as you'd think to find these dogging locations and if you just drive out to car parks or parks it can be hit or miss affair if you meet with anyone.

So if your looking for real dogging information and help, then the best way forward is to ask the people that dog themselves and within the members section we have THOUSANDS of members that do " walk the dog" and from within the forums sections you really can gain loads of information and rather than just taking a risk and turning up at some car park why not pre arrange a meet with one of our members

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This dogging information website is for the use of adults only and to join you must be over 18. Free membership allows you to post a profile, photos and chat with others although the advance services is only on offer to paid members - but free members can find loads of dogging information & locations

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