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Lets be honest we all have a bit of a fetish streak within us, in some cases it maybe mild and perhaps involves some light role playing, with others it maybe more extreme such is pissing, fisting or other extremes within sex!

But thankfully we all have an escape and place to meet with consenting adults that enjoy sex on the more darker side rather than just laying back and thinking about england whilst some women or indeed guy polishes your cock or cunt of for you . One of my own pet peaveys are these do rights twats that try and stop the more extremes of sex contacts & should I want to have a women pissing or squirting all over me then thats my choice!

As an adults only contacts site here you'll find all levels of extremes and members that don't really give a frig what the norm is as they are not interested in that and have come here for one thing alone thats meeting with other fetish contacts, no matter how extreme or perverse, after all its consenting adults so we are allowed to do and fuck what every we like

When searching for fetish contacts you can easily find them by:

So it doesn't really matter what your fetish is we will have the contacts that will want to meet up, but depending on what your fetish contact is you may have to travel a bit, after all if you want to have sex with say a women that lives being fisted, or perhaps squirts when she cums or maybe wants some golden showers sex then you can't always expect to find these types of meets right on your doorstep

But one things for sure if you want fetish contacts all you need do is hit the join button below and your one step closer to finding contacts and considering basic membership is FREE it won't even cost you anything to find out.


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