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Wiltshire Dogging locations - Local Outdoor Sex infor

Anyone up for some dogging around Wiltshire? if so check out some of these recent postings taken from our members blogs, chat room postings & Wiltshire forum pages - one things for sure you can't beat getting dogging information from swingers that live around Wiltshire and here's some recent postings

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Amesbury - Cholderton

pete - try the Lay-by on the A303 near to Amesbury. Drive towards Cholderton then turn left onto the country road that leads into the forest you will see the carpark. I've had some good times but its been a bit slow over the last few weeks maybe this weather is putting people off! anyone want to meet up around Cholderton drop me a note male or female

Salisbury dogging

private member - check out the car park on the Southampton Road (A36) facing the college. My wife and I use it often as I love to see her sucking guys off & even had a few guys wanking off over her last month. GREAT ;0)

Tog Hill - Dogging & Cottaging

bill (non-member) - check out the loos at the Car Park on Tog Hill, seen loads of gay guys & couples. We normally go up to the top part of the car park flash your lights and you'll be off. Just watch out for the police as they seem to be patrolling the toilets don't know if that's because of the gay guys but its fucking annoying - why not sod of and catch some real criminals (rant over)

suzzi - if you want some fun with a sexy TV drop me a note I use the toilets at Tog Hill often and love giving out bj's to both straight & bi guys.

Badbury Clump - doggin l

sexmaddoggers - great dogging at Badbury Clump car park turn off the A420 to Faringdon then half way between Swindon & Oxford. I've seen loads of action at the weekends and Thursday nights ( don't know why thursday is a good night )

Anyone know any good dogging locations in Swindon as that's where I live and we would love to meet up ?

Swindon - South Marston

swing4it - If you use Nightingale Woods for dogging watch out the police are watching cars and taking numbers down, also a friend got arrested last month so watch out. Anyone know any other locations around Swindon

Iain (non member) try the Riverside Car Park on the A361 between Highworth & Lechlade. The gay guys use the loos but loads of action in the car park.

Devizers - Smallgrain

devizercple - check out the picnic area & woods in Devizers / Smallgrain . great place to check out couples fucking behind the trees.

Wootton Bassett - Car Park

private member - try the car park just off Coped Hall by Wootton Bassett Lake its very private, so come along & join the fun!!

Salisbury, Wiltshire dogging

john (non-member) - Salisbury College Carpark just watch out the old bill being so close to town, also it looks like the cholderton layby is pretty dead now

Do you know of any other Dogging spots in Wiltshire? if so drop us a line and we'll update the page

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