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Lancashire Local Dogging infor Lancashire Doggers

Lancashire dogging locations - fancy trying some dogging with either the girlfriend, wife or just going out alone and hoping you score!! well why not take the risk out of dogging around Lancashire by checking out postings made by swinging members of swingers hangout

Below are some recent swingers photos taken from our Lancashire dogging & swingers members, these ads & photos can all be viewed as a member - With dogging locations situated all round the Lancashire region including major sites in Lancaster, Liverpool, Manchester, Bolton, Warrington and Barrow-in-Furness we have a doggin spot close to every one.

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These are just a few of the postings made by swingers & doggers around Lancashire

Dogging Bolton - Entwhistle Reservoir

Non-member - looking for some good dogging try Entwhistle Reservoir in Bolton, theirs a couple of large carparks both quite close to the res. I've seen both couples and gay guys dogging. best night Saturday - no great surprise their!

Anyone know any good dogging locations around Preston as I'm moving soon and don't know the area - cheers

Pennington - Country Park

bazandmaz - the home of where dogging started !! if its not its certainly one of the first places I heard about and still get some good action just watch out for the real couple taking Dogs out for a walk - its odd but in all the years we've been using Pennington we've never seen the police

Blackpool - Dogging

Mark (non-member) - warning if you thinking about trying dogging down Talbot Rd in Blackpool then forget it, lots of trouble and fuck all dogging action going on

Ashurst Beacon Country Park

northernfun - try checking out the car park dogging action around ashurst beacon park. I was up their last friday afternoon and there was couples fucking in cars!! great dogging voyeur action. You do get gay guys cottaging but they keep themselves to themselves

Failsworth - Dogging

gillnwest - someone told me about dogging around Failsworth anyone know where to go

martin1978 - try Daisy Nook Country Park used to be loads of doggin action going on, I've not been for a while but you may get lucky, let me know and I'll meet you ;o)

Got any other dogging locations around Lancashire ? if so drop us a line and I'll post the details here

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