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Come on Bristol doggers where's the best locations? I'm amazed we've not had more dogging locations posted by our members as I'm sure having the Downs on your doorstep must offer Bristol Doggers loads of places so drop us a line and tell everyone else

The postings made on this page are taken from within dogging forum & chatroom section on Swingers Hangout and offers our members up to date information on local dogging spots so members can arrange meets with other swingers - as non members we also allow people to post details on this page so if you know any please let us know

Happy Doggin ;0)

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Bristol - Bristol Downs

bristcple - We've been using the bristol downs for ages and trust me you won't be waiting around long for doggers & swingers - you drive onto Downs via the road by the Zoo and carry on down the road following the bends. look out for a long straight part in the road with trees. - its a great place and my wife and I have met loads of great doggers

Bristol - Ladies Mile

pete1723 - I've heard about dogging in Bristol Town centre around "Ladies Mile" but can't find any information could someone post details as I have a horny gf that wants to try dogging - and I want to watch her take a facefull

Bristol - TogHill

flashergirl63 - Flashers & doggers meet me up at Togg Hill for some fun. The travelers have gone so lets get back and have fun

Weston-super-Mare - Sand Point

bristolcrewe - I'd love to find out where this dogging place is that the policeman got done at anyone know??

Do you know of any other Dogging spots in Bristol? if so drop us a line and
we'll update the page

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