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Dogging Locations, Outdoor Exhibitionists & Car Park Sex

Dogging is a British euphemism for having sex (often unprotected/bareback) in a public place, typically a car park or picnic spot. Most often the couples & other people involved usually have not met before which is part of the excitement.

Observers are actively encouraged, therefore making dogging a form of exhibitionism and voyeurism is associated with dogging. As far as the law is concerned in most jurisdictions, dogging would come under laws related to: voyeurism, exhibitionism or public displays of sexual behaviour.

Dogging and the act of having sex with strangers in a public place has become an extremely popular passtime and our forums & chat rooms are always busy with members arranging meetings and announcing new dogging locations.....

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The term Dogging is know to originate from the practise of men using imaginary dogs as an excuse for hanging around in the bushes!

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