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Police caught Dogging Bristol UK Story

You may not have heard this but last week a policeman from Bristol was sacked after he apparently went "dogging" while supposed to be on duty.

"Apparently" the officer was working and came across the car parked up at Sand Point, near Weston-super-Mare with a couple in it just waiting around, knowing it was a local dogging location he approached the car and "apparently" started having sex with them "allegedly!"

Full story from the BBC

For me I think it's great that a policeman should get caught when you consider the amount of prosecutions that the police have made against UK Doggers. After all what's wrong with adults having sex outside?!!! It's not like any children are involved it's all about consenting adults enjoying themselves - but like everything else the UK are trying to stop us having fun!

Do you have any views on this story- if so send them in...

Post your views on dogging !

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