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Dogging Health Risks Good or Bad ??

I've put this page up to give UK doggers the chance to put their views forward as so many people are slating doggers for having unprotective sex and helping sexually transmitted diseases - this is YOUR platform what do you think? Should doggers wear condoms??

dogfun - We've been dogging for years and love it and although you do have the risk of STD's isn't life for living not just for watching the TV

ianjulia - we've tried dogging around Hants and love the excitement of outdoor sex, although we only do oral and no penetrative sex - if we were to I would make sure I used a condom

Mark - I think dogging is crazy and the idea of having any type of sex with strangers is just madness with the current increase in sexually transmitted diseases. I'm married and would never take any chances with either my or my wife's health - just madness

No-name - Oh please, dogging is about living after all life can be so boring, the idea of going out and having sex with someone you don't know is as exciting as fuck

Post your views on dogging is it bad or good - should all doggers & swingers wear condoms? Would this spoil the dogging experience ??

Looking forward to hearing from you

Bristol doggers - I sent in that story about the copper doggin I have to say its great - It nice for once that the police get done after all they do their best to spoil our fun! - Strike ONE!!! for the Doggers

Let us know what you think! condoms or not/yes or no to doggin:

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Complete the form and we will post your views - should this section grow we will add other pages so everyone can have their say doggers & non-doggers


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