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Dogging & Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Although to us it seems that it goes without saying that you need to take precautions when having sex with strangers, it would seem that many people who enjoy dogging are not and as a direct result the numbers of people affected by sexually transmitted diseases has dramatically increased!

If doggers are having unprotected sex it is unlikely that they will know anything about the history of their dogging partner and they are putting themselves in great danger of infection. Although recent reports also indicate that the number of 'seniors' with STDs has increased, it does seem that it is the dogging community rather than the general swingers community has caused these figures to increase so sharply in recent years.

In one county alone it was reported that towards the end of last year they noticed a rise in the number of hepatitis B cases, instead of the usual one or two cases, there were more than a dozen cases over a six-month period and upon investigation it showed a high proportion of the cases were linked directly to sex at dogging sessions.

Most common STDs spread via dogging:

  • Chlamydia
  • Syphilis
  • Hepatitis
  • Gonorrhoea
  • HIV

Of course we suggest that you always practice safe sex by using condoms and ensure that you and your partner use common sense where hygiene is concerned but sexually transmitted diseases can also be passed on via oral sex so you need to be careful when taking part in any sexual activity!

Let us know your views on dogging & disease


Don't give dogging a bad name by increasing the numbers infected by sexually transmitted diseases - be responsible, practice safe sex, use condoms!

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