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Want to find up to date Dogging locations? Lets be honest we brits do love our dogging nocturnal activities and ask any dogging wife if she would much soon get fucked in the warmth of someone house or meet in some dark dogging location the vast bulk will always go for a outdoors meet!

uk dogging forumWhilst the UK dogging scene now is stronger than every before despite local councils and the police doing there best to stop flashing wives & dogging couples they are NEVER going to be able to stop us.

But what we need to do as dogging members is use batter and more current ways of getting the latest dogging information and this is where Dogging forums come into there own

If your new the term "Forum" basically its a more advanced message board where people can post messages that are able to be search and placed within categories and our members forum has a section dedicated to dogging wives & couples

The advantage a dogging forum offers is a way of members posting details of dogging locations they use, warn others of places that are currently being patrolled or even locations where they will be so that you can arrange a direct meet with the dogging couple

Some people will say that by pre arranging a dogging meet takes some of the fun away from dogging but as a male thats sat around for hours in some public car park hoping that a couple would turn up by pre arranging a dogging meet does mean you have the best chance of getting some action when you head out dogging

But by far one of the best things about using a UK Dogging forum is to have access to up to date information of locations as lets face it if you want to know places to meet who better to ask than the couples that are using the dogging locations around the UK

AND better still to access the Dogging forum is FREE

Meet with dogging contacts Join the dogging sex!

to use the dogging forum you MUST be over 18

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