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Cuckold Husband & Swinging Cuckold couples

Just in case some swingers are unsure what "cuckold husband" or "Cuckold Swingers" means, these are men that enjoy sitting back and watching their wives or girlfriends getting fucked by other men or if your looking for more the technical description please read below :-

The term cuckold couples - refers to "A cuckold (or cuck) is either a married or single man with a highly sexually active wife/partner and that the husband enjoys watching her in various acts of a sexual nature with different men - and its believed that this term is derived from the old French for the Cuckoo bird. In current usage it refers to non-married & married couples aikel, although the common and traditional meaning is a man who is a victim of his wife's adultery, although due to the onset of swinging the term now refers to a man that enjoys watching his wife"

We have posted just a sample of the cuckold couples & husbands below that, as the description describes, are looking for single males that want to have sex with their other halves while they watch. If you use the link at the bottom this will lead you onto our main swingers site that has within its database over 350,000+ sex contacts, some from cuckold husbands others from wives that want to give their husbands a bit of a show!

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I think most husbands would admit to being cuckold or enjoy the fantasy of watching their wife getting fucked - well with our help and the ads we have available you could find local sex contacts and maybe fulfil your fantasy.

Here is a sample from recent Cuckold husbands or swingers

Instant Access to Ads - click here- Cuckold husband looking for single male - Hi We are a happily married young couple, living in London. My name is Tom and I'm a cuckold husband as I love watching my wife getting a good fucking, so we are looking for single males. My wife likes to where sexy lingerie and can guarantee you you'll enjoy her and she enjoys receiving and giving plenty of oral. She is also into anal and would like to try a double penetration and its something I would love to see , so calling horny guys drop us a line

Instant Access to Ads - click here- Swinging Male single male on the hunt for a Cuckold couple/husband - I'm a clean male looking for fun and have no problems with husbands or partners watching while I have fun. I'm into most things except pain & I'm straight but happy to try most things. I Cannot accommodate but happy to travel reasonable distance. I am looking to hear from Female and Couple and Group members

Instant Access to Ads - click here- Cuckold couple - WE are a happy married cuckold swingers from Bristol. We are after same room fun with VWE males so that my wife can have her way with so long as you understand I'll be watching and so long as your happy about it taking photos, although that's open if its something you don't want
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