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Information for Couples starting Swinging

The far the biggest group of swingers is couples and really the bulk of members are looking to meet with other couples and for this reason I'm adding this page for those couple considering starting out in the swinging scene but you need to make sure you start off the right way.

Like anything in life there are pro's and cons so here the aim is to pass over some of possible problems and share the knowledge I have so hopefully making sure you avoid the pitfalls that entering into the swinging scene can develop.

Why do couples join the swinging scene? for the bulk its to experience some sexual fantasies they have by either watching there partners with other couples or just plan old wife swapping and trying sex with strangers and for the bulk its about making these fantasies becoming into reality

Myself as part of a swinging couple we love and welcome new members into the scene, but like any responsible people we also need to make sure your joining up for the right reasons and there are some considerations you should make before you come and join in the fun and trust me theres lot of fun to be had.

Top considerations for new swingers couples:

  1. Make sure you are both happy about swinging - its not a daft statement I come across couples where either the male or female has bulled the other partner to join a swingers contacts site so that they can fulfil fantasises and its pretty clear that the other person doesn't want to join in. This is the first towards the end of your relationship. don't drag a reluctant person into swinger just for your fantasies
  2. Know your boundaries - this is something you need to talk about fully in the cold light of day and even really before you even start thinking about doing your profile as this could effect the type of swingers couples or singles you'll be meeting with. If you have boundaries and things your not happy with tell members within your profile, for example some couples don't want to go all the way ad prefer whats called "soft swapping" where others only want same room sex, so fully consider just how far your going to go before meeting with members
  3. Remember "why" your swinging - its not to fall in love, although some will build friendships of the swinging kind ( in other words friends you get to fuck) but what your not here to do is fall in love with your swinging partners, so remember that as declaring your feelings towards someone is going to complicate matters and put a strain relationships if you start telling someone that you care for them

The thing to remember about swinging is its all about having some extra fun with other swinging couples and having sex with no strings and whilst some members will look towards building friendships most will look at swingers as being a way to have sex with strangers with none of the complicated issues that can come up with playing behind your partners back

For thousands of couples swinging is a great way to meet with others, some will take it more seriously than others, but most look towards it as a bit of sexy fun

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