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Many of our swingers are bisexual or bi-curious so with so many swingers online at all times of the day you wont be short of swinging sex contacts from other bi-sexual swingers and if you are new to swinging do not hesitate to ask questions - many were bi and inexperienced once!

Bi-sexual means that you swing both ways, enjoying sexual encounters with both male and female partners, taking part in threesomes, generally MFM or FMF, or even bisexual orgies!

It always used to be that if you were bisexual the only place you could find sex contacts were the rear pages of the free ads and more often than not they were pretty naff! Now with swingers sites finding BiSex partners is as easy as finding a straight partner, in fact it almost sometimes feels that if you're not either a Bimale or Bifemale your not wanted.

Want to access bisexual contacts for FREE? ....thats right by using the free link below you can access all personals placed by males, females and bi couples ....please note this will show ALL personals so from straight contacts as well, but once a member you can filter this for only bi contacts

We offer lots of exciting features to our swinging members to help them find the sexual partner or partners they are looking for including :-

  • The Bar - Just like any other Bar, but you can chat with other Bisexual people and not worry about what people might think about you!
  • Couples Online - A place for bi-couples to hang out and talk.
  • Holiday Meet-up - Want to go away and maybe meet up others? Make your holiday a bit more exciting!
  • Instant Action - As it says, don't want to wait for someone to contact you to arrange a bisexual date? Chat online now and arrange a date for tonight!!

To help you find your Bisexual Swinging Partners we have listed our Bisexual swingers into 3 groups:

Please use the links above to find your ideal Bisexual swinging partner or partners as we have thousands of bisex swingers from all over the UK, many of which are like you just looking to make contact with other bi swingers!

While we update this section View Bisexual Profiles!

Bisexual swinging - the best of both worlds!

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